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Now lets say you were a level 10 thieving along with your goal
But you OSRS Items might want to understand"well if he dies what do you get, does he lose all his items only the like the wilderness?" No one he loses is the item/items he acquired from the torso. You might be asking"well can you just walk up to some random person and steal his things?"

No what you may do is look at your screen and on the listing that reveals your inventory, pursuit listing, stats and all the other stuff there'll be a new icon (the thieving icon of the tiny black mask). When you click on that it will show a list of approximately five people that you're supposed to steal from. It also shows the current things which you have obtained from other opponent which you stole from.

Lets say you run into one of your targets, since there are lots of hiding spots all around the thieving region you might see a hollow tree and click on"hide in tree" and if you do click on that option you may jump in the tree along with your own icon on the map will vanish. Ok because your target is in website you look on the map to determine where he is (you aim shows up as a purple dot on your map). Now together with your target list and thing viewer on your thieving pub on your principal list of choices (inv. Q points and these ) there is a meter which shows you if your target is in range of you or not.

Now lets say you were a level 10 thieving along with your goal was still a few paces away. As you're such a low level your sole alternative is to become very close to him (an din doing so, letting him see ) and cheap RS gold try to pickpocket him. Now lets say you are a level 80 thieving. As you're such a high level burglar, you have considerably more choices of how you are likely to sneak out of your goal.

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