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Don't depend too much on others
This is a general habit that turns out to be a permanent one if not changed at the early stage. It is justified for the younger aged children who are not sensible enough to make their own decisions but for an undergraduate or graduate person to believe anymore or senior for making their career better is not an intelligent thing to do. A lot of platforms like online dissertation proposals help have written articles on how a person can trust his abilities, potentials and keep themselves busy in progressing day by day which is a significant step to take. Initially, the mistakes are normal but after some time, it is good to learn from them and approach them in different ways to get promising outcomes. Never restrict at some point, life has bigger opportunities but first, believe in yourself.
Thank you for sharing your experience and advice on this, I haven't heard about this until I stumbled on your post, glad that I did. Anyway, before I share this which is the best thing to do, how about I recommend some games for you first. You can download this game for free, so go ahead and try it. I want you to try this classic game, Plants vs. Zombies, a very popular game you  can play right now with your friends. Also, do you have games that you can't play on your PC because of the compatibility issue? You can now, just check this app Emulator PC and you can now enjoy every game you want to play.

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