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Watt stopped by from time to time to hang out, gathering Noah, Peter and Aaron to talk -- and give advice -- about girls and helping Willa with her homework. Watt brought his now-wife, Kealia Ohai, to the farmer's market with Simone, Misha and Willa to learn how to make Simone's famous chicken broth. And when Aaron had to give a presentation in fifth grade about a state and ended up with Wisconsin, Watt went to his school and answered some questions about his home state.

Ballard has the space to be creative and somewhat risky this offseason. Williams is not a dire need as stated before, but the thought of pairing him with Buckner and solidifying that line for the next few seasons might be tantalizing.Indianapolis Colts Face masks

Gordon had seven catches for 139 yards in five games for the Seahawks before being suspended in December 2019.Atlanta Falcons Face masks

The Mules kept practicing through October while trying to schedule scrimmages or exhibitions against other schools before finally pulling the plug on football in mid-autumn.Minnesota Vikings Face masks
Football Helmet Face Masks

Practiced daily against the Joe Moore Award-winning offensive line in practice that featured multiple NFL prospects. Could be flat-out dominant if he could maintain his weight around the 330-pound range.

Last week, Sean McVay was asked what he learned from watching the Buccaneers hoist the Lombardi Trophy, knowing his team beat Tampa Bay back in November.New York Jets Face masks


• The best game of 2021, Aaron Rodgers versus Patrick Mahomes, is on track. Really, only one game in 2021 would rival Green Bay-Kansas City. That’s Tampa Bay at New England, with Tom Brady’s return to Foxboro. Pittsburgh at Green Bay is interesting too, with the very likely last meeting of Ben Roethlisberger and Rodgers. Brady in Foxboro is great theater, of course. But Rodgers-Mahomes is a much better game, with two passers at the peak of their powers.