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Tam Versiyon: Adult dating?
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Where is the best place to get acquainted?
Women aged 40+ are already fully formed and fulfilled personalities, who usually already have children, a career, and a stable income. And this is what affects the main places where it is better to get acquainted with them.

Therefore, we immediately dismiss the options for dating just on the street or on public transport. What should we do then?

Fitness clubs. This is one of the best places to meet 40+women. Almost 50% of women attend such institutions. Such women tend to look attractive, they are purposeful and not stupid. And if young girls do not really want to meet in such institutions, then women over the age of 35 are not even against such dating.

In second place are all kinds of shopping centers. Women just love shopping and in such places they will definitely be enough for everyone. One minus, often women are there with their husbands. On the other hand, it will help you immediately discard the married woman option.

Cafes, restaurants and pastry cafeterias are in third place. As in the movie, all women dream of sitting with a cup of coffee for breakfast, and that at this moment the man of her dreams came up to them and met.

Parks. If you walk through the park and see that there is a single woman sitting on a bench, you can take this chance. There are two options, as well as everywhere else, or she will be happy to make contact, or you will be instantly "rejected".

Well, the last option is resorts. Usually this option is more suitable for those men and women who are not looking for some specifics and seriousness from such an acquaintance.

What is better not to do?
Young girls and mature women have completely different thinking and perception. Therefore, the tricks that work for the young do not usually work for the mature.

First of all, forget about all sorts of jokes, as a method of dating. Mature women usually just dismiss such strangers.

The second ban is on conversations that relate to intimacy. If a young woman can be easily fooled for the sake of her own goals, then a mature woman has already been taught by life, and she knows perfectly well what and when a man needs from her. Therefore, when a woman is ready to take the closer path of a relationship, a man usually just understands this, since men at this age are also more intelligent and mature.

Forget about the mats, and don't try to sound more youthful. Politeness and respect - that's what mature women prefer.

Never communicate with such women on the subject of age. And in general, it is better to avoid this topic, no matter what age of woman you are talking to. Well, apparently, it is so laid down by nature, and they do not like to talk about age at all.
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