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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — When Donta Hall agreed to join the G League Ignite, head coach Brian Shaw knew the 23-year-old would eventually return to the NBA this season.Charlotte Hornets face coverings

Cousins should serve as an immediate contingency plan in case a potential Drummond trade falls through the cracks.Portland Trail Blazers face coverings

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Sharpe looks like a less explosive version of Bam Adebayo — a paint-bound big with excellent touch and passing instincts with plenty of defensive upside. For a team like the Raptors, looking to rebuild their frontcourt, he could be a great addition.Detroit Pistons face coverings
Fanatics Face Coverings

“He was a really fun guy to play with, a great teammate, and I definitely miss having him around — but not those shooting games, because, uh, he was pretty consistently winning those games,” Muscala said. “So it’s kinda nice not having him around this year for that.”

The Jazz have dealt with concerning incidents related to race recently. In 2019, Lindsey apologized to Thunder GM Sam Presti and Oklahoma City after a fan in the stands verbally abused Russell Westbrook.NBA Team LA Clippers face coverings

Paul George (frontcourt) — PG may not be a top-20 scorer, but he’s right on the cusp, and he’s been shooting the damn lights out while doubling as the stifling, versatile wing defender he’s been for years now. Putting up 24.4 points, 6.2 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game is nothing to sniff at, and that’s especially the case when he’s posting .511/.471/.894 shooting splits for the LA Clippers, the No. 2 team out West.

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Scheming for and matching up with the Nets is a cipher with no correct solution; you just keep trying different combinations until you’re out of options. Let Durant or Harden “get his,” to borrow a coaching axiom, and they’ll punish you with devastating precision; “make the other guys beat you,” and they will. Suppose an opponent accomplishes the improbable task of forcing Durant, arguably the best volume-scoring forward in NBA history into an off night; does it also have the defensive personnel and schematic infrastructure to corral Harden in a pick-and-roll without giving up wide-open kick-out 3s? If so, who could this defense possibly have left to check Irving in isolation, track Joe Harris off of screens, or even think about other shooters or cutters orbiting the three stars? Even on perfectly-executed defensive possessions, Durant, Harden, and Irving are still liable to make impossible shots over helpless defenders: