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Allen could be an interesting matchup with Atlanta's Clint Capela, who shut down Denver's high-scoring Nikola Jokic on Sunday. With Capela guarding the rim, Jokic was limited to three points in the first half and only 15 points overall -- 11.6 points below his season average.

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Cousins is on his way out in Houston because of his lack of lateral mobility getting exposed defensively. Teams target him in the pick-and-roll. Since Christian Wood went down injured and Cousins’ minutes stepped up, the Rockets defense got seven points per 100 possessions worse, and the Rockets are 0-7. The Lakers have Marc Gasol starting at center, a high IQ defender, but he is not exactly fleet of foot. Having Gasol and Cousins as their bigs would give the Lakers a quality front line in 1995, but not in a modern and spaced NBA.Orlando Magic

Beal, who finished first in fan, player, and media voting among East guards, feels LaVine is the only other guard playing at the same level as him right now in his conference.Phoenix Suns

Kyrie Irving talks trash after LeBron James takes, misses technical FT (video) originally appeared on NBCSports.comIndiana Pacers

For anyone following the news cycle or who has had COVID-19 themselves, the challenges are only beginning after the virus clears your body. The after-effects can impact people for years or even, in extreme cases, the rest of their life. The former has been true for Tatum, who still has trouble breathing at times during games.

"One of the elite players in the league said to me, 'Dr. Sims, what you're asking is for us to be spokesmen?' My response was: Absolutely. Yes, we do want you to be spokesmen. We do want you to partner with us.Atlanta Hawks

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The Warriors have been living the small-ball life for the last few weeks, but that could change Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden.
Nba Cloth Masks